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I just noticed this page is still getting attention, which is really nice :)
But honestly im much more active on Tumblr as
so feel free to see more recent art there!


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United States
well, hi. im jacky the ripper ( i believe the english serial killer was of the female persuasion) and this is my dysfunctional devi account! Welcome!

A little bit about myself... hmmm... Oh! i have blue hair! and not just streaks, the whole shebang, like in the picture above.

Im an 20 year old goth who is OBSESSED WITH CARTOONS!

Love to read and sketch. My stuffed aligator, refridgerator, and i love to watch nick, CN, the Hub, and syfi.

I now go to collage like a real girl *cries for the death of my childhood* but its alright because i will finally become what i always wanted to be since i was a wee lass- a superhero! or the closest thing i could think of, a social worker.

I am new to the tumbles

Favourite genre of music: Goth techno/screamo/metal/music box
Favourite cartoon character: just look in my gallery!
Personal Quote: "I came here to drink milk and kick a**, and I already drank my milk"--THE IT CROWD
(these are not biblical virtues, but cartoonist ones)

7) HUMOR- The first thing that caught me onto Avatar was the humor factor. It is like this with most shows, if they make us laugh they make us happy and we keep watching. It is the most common seen in cartoons, but with Avatar, it was consistent. After the first 'book'(or season) the humor kept it's lighthearted and clean(YAY!) humor that got us rolling around the floor and calling to our siblings in the next room if they saw that and just end up laughing and rolling together(seriously this is what me and my brothers did during every new episode).

6) MUSIC/ THE CREATION OF AN ENTIRE WORLD- From what i have read, this is one of the reasons why Nick picked up the show. The creations of an intracate and beautiful world and culture by synthesizing other real cultures into it to combine the fantastical with real life heritage. Music can really make or break a scene and/or the whole production as a whole, and Avatar nails it! The music is touching or filled with action to fit what is happening. Not to mention the originality of the addition of music from other cultures played on cultural instruments.

5) ANIMATION- Do i really have to explain this one? The colors, the emotion, the physical motion, the world/nature-its all so beautiful!!!

4) THE PEOPLE- I mean the background people for number four. The refugees and familys who have been affected by the war are people that can not only be seen in the war that is/was going on during the airing of the show but also past wars and horrible events. The image of refugees fleeing their destroyed villages, children who are hurt by the violence(like the girl from the episode in Earth where Iro made the poisonous tea), Familys that are dealing with the constant fear of their loved ones being taken and killed in the war, and people filled with hope for a better life(serpants pass). These are all people who have been in our world, perhaps during the Holocaust or WWI/II or Cambodia or countless other places/events.

3) CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT- Each character, though having some set characteristics and profiles, visibly develope and learn from their expiriences throughout the whole story. Zuko is the most noticable, making an amazing(yet clearly folowable and not out of the blue) transition from the main villain to part of a savior of the world. The fact that ALL of the characters were developed is a big thing, and one that i really DO NOT see often if at all.

2) REAL LIFE/SOCIETAL ISSUES- Talking about social issues is almost required in features today, but Avatar put a sincere and earnest feel to them, not to mention there were so MANY that were talked about/brought up. Just some include: tradgedy of war, Supremisists(with the fire nation), child/emotional abuse, genocide, sexism, racism, physical 'disability' or lack thereof, pacifism and the sacredness of life, and so so much more.

1) THE SENSE OF SOMETHING BIG- This is the rarest thing to find, but makes a feature so much more special and rare when it is found. This is what makes you feel almost like you are a part of the movie, you feel the huge sense of wonder, hope, hype, glory, beauty, saddness, ---just every emothion in connection to the feature inside you swell to a point when you think you will overflow. It makes the story BIG and the goals and characters BIG too. Some of the episodes that really show this are The Seige of the North and every other 'special' that came in more than one part along with a good amount of individual episodes such as the Painted Lady. Watching these episodes made you laugh cry and FEEL. It is what makes an amazing story an EPIC TALE.

In conclusion? This is by far the best made for TV american cartoon series of my generation, and i beleive it cannot be topped.

PS the movie was an abomination and shall never be mentioned again
  • Listening to: Land before time OST
  • Reading: Feed
  • Watching: Avatar the last airbender
  • Drinking: Fuze

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